Geometry Haiku

A while back I was looking for a creative way for my students to show that they understood some vocabulary. I assigned them to write a haiku in their notebooks. I know the rules can vary, but I told them to use what I think of as the standard 5-7-5 format. Here are some of my favorites, divided into a few categories.





Angles have ninety degrees

That is what I learned

— Kirsti D.



Angles always equaling

One-eighty degrees

— Elena B.


Two angles combine

To create ninety degrees


— Ray M.





Angles will form right angles

A sum of ninety

— Mariah S.


We are two angles

Combined, we make a straight line


— Daisy A.


We are both equal

We look exactly the same

We are congruent

— Michael Ma.


When you look at us

You won’t know the difference

We are congruent

— Sarah G. (not in the same class as Michael Ma., by the way)




Right angles we make

Alone we are still acute


— Ezmie T.


Sarcastic or Sycophantic?


Congruent angles

You make math easier, thanks

Forever the same

— John M.



You make one-eighty degrees

I love straight angles

— John M. (again)


Peanut Gallery


Why are we writing

Haikus in math class, come on

Are you serious?

— Ty F.


(At first I was kind of annoyed reading Ty’s haiku, and similar ones from a couple of his neighbors. But on further reflection, I have to admit that I probably would have done the same thing as a teenager.)